Elk Hunting in Central Idaho

The Little Lost River drainage provides ample opportunity to take a trophy bull. Old, mature bulls make these mountains their home. We provide archery, rifle, and muzzleloader hunts.


We have an early archery season that runs from August 30 thru September 30. These tags are available over the counter. This is a one on one hunt, where we limit the number of clients to provide a trophy hunt. Shooting opportunity has historically run about 70% on bulls. October rifle hunts have been very successful. We offer one on one and two on one hunts by request. Hunters looking for the chance at a huge mature bull— this is the hunt for you.


We also offer a late November rifle hunt where you can find bulls back in their bachelor groups coming down to their winter range. Shooting opportunity for the late November hunt has been 100% for the past several years. Tags are limited so let us assist you in applying. We will hunt either from a low base camp or from a pack in camp. Hunts are conducted using 4x4 trucks, on foot, and on horseback.


Moose in Central Idaho

Only five tags are available in unit 51 for moose but they are abundant in the Little Lost River bottom and in the lower timbered canyons. If you are lucky enough to draw one of the tags for this unit the chances are good that there are ample opportunities to take trophy Shiras bulls.


Antelope Hunting

Pronghorn antelope make their home on the high desert in this area. Seeing many animals every day is common. This is an economical hunt with the chance at a good buck. Spot and stalk and blind hunting are the methods we use to hunt these unique animals. Archery and rifle hunts are available. Rifle tags are on a draw and archery tags are over the counter.


Black Bear Hunting

Our bear hunts are conducted over bait and by the use of highly trained hounds. This is a spring or fall hunt. Spring bears have heavy coats and fall bears have a little heavier body weights so whichever you prefer we can help you find the trophy you are looking for. We have a large percent of color phase bears. Sightings and shot opportunities run very high. If you have never heard the sounds of a pack of hounds trailing and fighting a mean bear then you are missing one of the most exciting ways to hunt them. Our hunts run from April 15 thru June 15 and August 30 thru October 31.


Mule Deer Hunting

The high country in the Little Lost holds a good population of mule deer. We hunt them from the low timbered ridges up to 10,000 ft. where the big boys live. This is ideal country to glass the mountain sides and timber edges looking for that monster muley. The mountains of the Little Lost are remote enough to keep hunting pressure low, allowing bucks to mature to old age. Whether you would like to hunt with archery equipment or a rifle we can make it happen. These tags are over the counter.


Mountain Lion Hunting

Idaho has some of the biggest mountain lions in the Lower 48 and has more lions listed in the Boone and Crockett record book than any other western state. Mountain lions are our favorite species to hunt. We use top quality hounds and equipment to get our clients a trophy tom. The high mountains of the Little Lost provide a good population of cats which assures trophy toms. 180lb toms are killed in these mountains every year. This is the perfect hunt for the young hunter just getting their feet wet or for families looking for an outdoor adventure together.


Veteran hunters will appreciate the excitement when the hounds have a big tom cornered or treed. This is a seven day 1x1 hunt where weather conditions play a big part of your success, therefore we make sure our clients know they are welcome to come back when conditions are better if necessary. So come and hunt with us in December, January, February or March and let us help you get a long tail. These tags are over the counter.


Bighorn Sheep Hunting

The high shale mountainsides of the Lemhi Range are the home of the Bighorn Sheep. Our hunts are conducted from a base camp and spike camps enabling us to get up where the Rams live. A lot of glassing is required so good optics are required equipment. This is a 10 day one on one hunt providing more time and attention to harvest a trophy animal. This unit gives as many tags as any other in the state so chances of drawing and tagging a trophy ram are better than a lot of other places. Call for more information and help with applying.